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November 13, 2018

Why a Sapphire Crystal Will NOT Work on an Older Rolex Watch

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Many of our customers with older Rolex watches ask if we can replace their acrylic crystals with synthetic sapphire crystals, like the ones that Rolex uses on their new watches. Although every watch in Rolex’s current catalog is now fitted with a sapphire crystal, Rolex does not manufacture sapphire crystals for use on older watches. Instead, they will only replace a worn or damaged acrylic crystal with another acrylic crystal. The shape of the crystal is different… The outer diameter is […]

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Why your Rose Gold Watch May Now Look Yellow

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As an element, gold is naturally a soft and malleable, yellow-colored metal. Pure gold (24 karat) is too soft for most watch and jewelry applications, so other metals and/or elements are added to the gold to increase its hardness and durability.    18 karat gold is a concentration of 75% gold, and 25% other metals/elements. The 75% gold content ensures that the gold alloy will have all of the desirable properties of pure gold, while the other 25% allows the metal to […]

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December 13, 2017

Repairing Rolex’s Proprietary 18-Karat Gold

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Recently, we overhauled a vintage Rolex Day-Date President for a customer who had accidentally reached a bit too close to an active grinding wheel while working in his tool shed. As you can see in the photograph that was taken before service, the top, left lug of the watch received a substantial gouge in the metal that required a significant amount of gold to be resupplied.   The enlarged photo below shows the extent of the damage, and just how much metal […]

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October 21, 2014

How Much Does it Actually Cost Rolex to Make a Watch?

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When you first hold and inspect a Rolex watch, you are immediately struck by its beauty.  Probably no watch exhibits such a remarkable sheen and presence as a Rolex.  Its weight physically demonstrates its worth, as a heavier object has a higher perceived value than a lighter rival.  Everyone who is familiar with the watch maker knows the reputation of their watches to be high quality, perfect time pieces, and a luxury item unrivaled in the jewelry world. All of these […]

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