October 30, 2014

What Does Your Watch Say About You?

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Accessories and luxury items reflect who you are to the world outside. The reason we even comb our hair in the morning is to make ourselves presentable, knowing that others will judge us based on our exterior. So what does your luxury watch say about you? We have summarized the stigmas and stereotypes affiliated with the major luxury watch brands. See which one you should get – or avoid!


You are the man. You are a legend. You are the desire of ladies and the source of envy for men. Where you go, you are a style king, a trend setter, and a force to be reckoned with, if anyone can even enter your stratosphere. You know quality when you see it, and you want a known quality where you can get it. You don’t take risks; that’s how you got to where you are, and how you’ll get to where you’re going.

Patek Philippe

You wear a suit and your sense of humor is in your own mind, quite keen and precise, and in all others’ minds, non-existent. You have your granola at 6am precisely every day, one cup of coffee right before you drive your over-sized Mercedes to the office you’ve worked at for 4 or 5 decades. You’ve never used all of your vacation time, but you will show up to the office gathering at the local five-star restaurant, provided you have time in your schedule.


While you once wore either no watch at all, or a $20 watch your ex-girlfriend bought you, you now loathe to be seen out of the house without an indicator that you have graduated from your coffee shop and a laptop past and into a world of success. You still maintain cuffed pants and New Balance sneakers – you’re not that fancy – but you can’t be seen relying on your iPhone for time keeping (the latest model of course).


Ever the entrepreneur, the Breitling wearer knows where money can be made, how the deal can get done, and where to find the hidden gems that can be turned for profit. When you’re in the room, everyone else in the room knows you’re in the room. Someone has a differing opinion? Not if you have a say about it – and you do. You like a good meal, and then another meal on top of that and you don’t take no for an answer.


The office holds Ye not. You set your own schedule and the first thing on said schedule is leisure time. Throw on a polo shirt, let that long mullet down, and hit the boardwalk. You don’t need a job or an income, for your means are opulently flowing in. You don’t need to worry about the market price for the oysters, you’ll get a dozen, or three. You’ll be able to tell exactly what time your private jet will land on your Hublot.

IWC Schaffhausen

Work hard play hard. When you need a break from the family and the daily office grind, you lay back with the boys and get into some mountain biking or SCUBA diving, maybe a bit of parasailing or extreme ice hiking. You, and your gang of like-minded IWC wearing friends, find adventure where you can find, and when you can fit it into your schedule about once a year. You have a good time, you laugh, you revel, but in a calculated manner.

TAG Heuer


You live by your own rules, and you break those, too. You consider snow boarding down a double black diamond a snooze for your old man to partake in. You would much rather watch a race car driver crash head on into a guard rail and go up in a flame than that tame NFL game the poseurs and watching down at the pub. You live life to its fullest, yet it’s never full enough.

Richard Mille

You consider Richard Branson a mere mortal when compared to yourself. You know how to innovate the very idea of innovation. You are a genius; you would out-smart a gathering of 20 clones of yourself, that’s how genius you are. You happen into money and wealth, not because it’s your goal or even a concern, it just happens, and you absorb greater wealth by default. You and your Richard Mille watch travel roads only known to you and you have time to stop and smell the roses all the while.

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